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Book 1: The Skull Rock Mystery
Olivia and her sister Georgia are looking forward to a Cornish holiday filled with sand, surfing and fish and chips. Instead, the girls stumble across a crumbling old smugglers’ tunnel hidden behind a wall in their seaside cottage. Little do they know that they are about to be pulled into an exciting adventure as their world collides with the smuggling days of the 1700s. They suddenly find themselves in the thick of a magical and dangerous adventure. Soon they meet Joey, a boy who’s in a lot of trouble and needs their help!

Available on Amazon for £6.99 

Note that this is a new edition, published July 2018. The original first edition is still available in Kindle format on Amazon.

Book 2: The Cave of Secrets


Georgia and Olivia’s breath-taking adventure continues – Joey needs their help to find an enormous treasure trove. Vital new clues are uncovered and the girls race back down the old smugglers' tunnel, this time with two friends and armed with a secret map. But can they outsmart the other shady characters who are after the treasure, too? And what about the booby traps?

Available on Amazon for £7.99 

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Book 3: The Race to La Morna


Georgia and Olivia have to leave Mousehole, and their friends Vicky and Bex must take over where they left off. They will need all the help they can get, so their friends Benji and Andy join them on their expedition. Join us to hear about their underground quest to find the hidden treasure and Spanish galleon La Morna. The going certainly won't be easy, since they aren't the only ones rushing that way ...

Available on Amazon for £7.99 

Book 4: The Search for the Crystal Skulls


It's Christmas time in Mousehole and Georgia and Olivia are on a new quest into the past. But what extraordinary events will unfold in their own world as a result? When the girls help Joey and his father to discover the truth about their history, they learn about the ‘eternal secret’ of the crystal skulls. Can Vicky and Bex help them to uncover the eternal secret? And are they alone in seeking to unravel the mysteries of the skulls?

Available on Amazon for £8.99 

Book 5: The Mooncircle


Georgia and Olivia are on their most important mission yet: to rescue their friends Vicky and Bex. There are strange goings-on in Mousehole when Georgia and Olivia return for their third visit. With their friend Andy, they set out to undo the evil work of Professor Wylde. But when Ezekiel Guard steps in to help, they find out that they are up against more than they had imagined … 

Available on Amazon for £8.99 

Book 6: Point Spaniard


In this, the sixth book in 'The Smugglers of Mousehole' book series, one last free-trading voyage is afoot for the smugglers of mousehole. But worrying events at home threaten to interfere with their high-risk smuggling run. Joey Trewidden and his family are desperate to secure their rightful inheritance. Yet there are powerful and dangerous forces in Mousehole that are determined to thwart them. Can Joey and his friend Dorcas step up to keep the Trewiddens safely on their path to a better future?

Available on Amazon for £8.99 

Book 7: The Timedial


In the seventh book in 'The Smugglers of Mousehole' book series, the Timedial's secrets are fully revealed, bringing the horrific realization that the future, and the fate of the children themselves, remains very much under threat. Georgia is forced to make a decision that will have immeasurable consequences not only for her, but for all those who know and love her. The stakes are high; the effects of her actions will ripple through time and could radically change the world.
How will others respond? And will Georgia come to regret her life-changing choices?

Available on Amazon for £8.99 

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Book 8: Blaggard


Book 8 is currently in development. Watch this space!

There are also rumours that the author (he's unstoppable and has never experienced 'writer's block'!) has already started writing a second series . . . and that parts of it are set in the Caribbean.

I thought the book was one of the best books that I have read. It was exciting and adventurous. I was on holiday in Cornwall and I saw the book at The Telegraph Museum. I'm really glad I bought it.

Niall O'Connell, aged 8 (nearly 9!)

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